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Welcome to  Hinduhum180-blogspot, We are your number one source for Hinduism related articles. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of information, with a focus on Hinduism, Indian Tradition, Cultural Identity, interpretation of Vedic Scriptures and Mythical story related questions of Indian culture. 


Initiatives and Objectives:

Hinduhum108-blogspot In 2020 I (Himadri Roy Sarkar) started this blog-website as sole proprietor. The Hunduhum180 has come a long way since its inception. Promotion of blog-website Long before it was published, I started promoting it in various fields of social media. When I first started this work, the passion of blogging on Hinduism led me to do a lot of research. Because the insulting post, comment and satire, lies, misinterpretation of Hinduism on social media disturbed my mind. That's why I started publishing these blogs and videos on and YouTube channel at the same time.

This is a small effort on my part to preserve Hinduism's own ideology, culture, historical heritage, generosity, and message of world love. Keeping that aspect in mind, we have adopted this plan to eradicate this self-loathing of our future generations.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy serving you. If you have any questions or comments about my registration, feel free to contact us. I am always available to receive and change content based on actual information. full-width

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